307 Series Planetary Gearbox Replacement Of Bonfiglioli 307L1 307L2 307L3 307L4 307R2 307R3 307R4


Replaceable Planetary Gearbox Models

300L 1 300L 2 300L 3 300L 4 300R2 300R3 300R4
301L 1 301L 2 301L 3 301L 4 301R2 301R3 301R4
303L 1 303L 2 303L 3 303L 4 303R2 303R3 303R4
305L 1 305L 2 305L 3 305L 4 305R2 305R3 305R4
306L 1 306L 2 306L 3 306L 4 306R2 306R3 306R4
307L 1 307L 2 307L 3 307L 4 307R2 307R3 307R4
309L 1 309L 2 309L 3 309L 4 309R2 309R3 309R4
310L 1 310L 2 310L 3 310L 4 310R2 310R3 310R4
311L 1 311L 2 311L 3 311L 4 311R2 311R3 311R4
313L 1 313L 2 313L 3 313L 4 313R2 313R3 313R4
315L 1 315L 2 315L 3 315L 4 315R3 315R4
316L 1 316L 2 316L 3 316L 4 316R3 316R4
317L 1 317L 2 317L 3 317L 4 317R3 317R4
318L 1 318L 2 318L 3 318L 4 318R4
319L 1 319L 2 319L 3 319L 4 319R4
321L 1 321L 2 321L 3 321L 4 321R4


Specifications of Planetary Gearbox

Torque range 1000-450.000 Nm
Transmissible mechanical power up to 540 kW
Gear ratios 3.4-9.000
Gear unit versions inline
Output configuration
1) Foot and flange mounted
2) Output shaft: solid with key, splined, splined hollow
3) Hollow with shrink disc
Input configurations
1) Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors
2) Hydraulic orbit motors
3) IEC and NEMA motor adaptors
4) Solid input shaft
Hydraulic brake hydraulically released parking brake
Electric brake DC and AC type

Tipo Torque Nm
300L 300L1, 300L2, 300L3, 300L4 1000
301L 301L1, 301L2, 301L3, 301L4 1750
303L 303L1, 303L2, 303L3, 303L4 2500
305L 305L1, 305L2, 305L3, 305L4 5000
306L 306L1, 306L2, 306L3, 306L4 8500
307L 307L1, 307L2, 307L3, 307L4 12500
309L 309L1, 309L2, 309L3, 309L4 18000
310L 310L1, 310L2, 310L3, 310L4 25000
311L 311L1, 311L2, 311L3, 311L4 40000
313L 313L1, 313L2, 313L3, 313L4 55000
315L 315L1, 315L2, 315L3, 315L4 100000
316L 316L1, 316L2, 316L3, 316L4 135000
317L 317L1, 317L2, 317L3, 317L4 170000
318L 318L1, 318L2, 318L3, 318L4 250000
319L 319L1, 319L2, 319L3, 319L4 350000
321L 321L 1, 321L2, 321L3, 321L4 500000

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Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer

HZPT is a family run Italian company focusing on 3 core business sectors: discrete manufacturing and process industries, mobile and wind industries, and electromechanical and motion systems. For more than 60 years, HZPT has been in a leading position in the design, production and distribution of various gear motors, planetary gearboxes, servo motors, AC, DC motors, inverter drive systems, etc.

Over the years, HZPT has become an expert on planetary gearboxes. Today, more than 70% of our devices are planetary gearboxes. Planetary gear boxes can be used to transmit extremely high torque in very compact gear units. Our expertise in large planetary gear boxes is not only used in cableways, but also increasingly in heavy-duty industries, such as cement and sugar. Our product portfolio includes planetary gearboxes with rated torque up to 5000 knm. The power range is up to 2000 kW. The limit of helical gear reducer is 1000 knm.

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